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Is Netflix A Dying Brand? Social Media Research Speaks

Tuesday, August 9th, 2011

There are few things Chart Junkies love more than a clear trend and unfortunately, Netflix has the honour of providing the data for such a chart. Over the last year or so, consumer satisfaction with Netflix has shown a gradual decline. In March 2010, about 40% of online conversations about Netflix were positive but by the end of June 2011, only about 25% of online conversations about Netflix were positive.

The down spikes in Dec 2010 and August 2011 are clear indicators that people don’t like it when prices are increased. But what else are consumers unhappy with? We also gathered satisfaction levels with various attributes of Netflix at two points in time.

First, as represented by the height of the red bar, we see satisfaction in March of 2010. Then, the height of the blue bar shows where satisfaction declined to in June of 2011. About 60% of conversations mentioning Netflix as a favorite (or not a favorite) brand were positive in March 2010 but it declined to barely 20% in June of 2011.

From last year to now, people appreciate the brand less, anticipate using the brand less, and recommend the brand less. They like the servicing less, the ease of use less, and the price less.

And, surprisingly, 10% of people were satisfied with the fees in March 0f 2010, a number which remained stable to now. Hey, some people do appreciate cheap movies.

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