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Nintendo 3DS: Pilotwing vs Dead or Alive

Wednesday, April 13th, 2011

If I could make this post 3D I would, but until that day, just imagine that the charts you see below are bursting out of the screen and poking you in the eyes. Unless you’re wearing glasses. Then you’re safe.

Consumers have had some time now to try out the 3D system and decide whether they like it. Many people have already experienced the headaches, sickness, and vomiting that has accompanied this new form of brain candy. And if you’ve decided the headaches are worth it, or you’ve already trained the headaches away, you’re ready to pick out a new game.

Based on thousands of verbatims from across the internet – blogs, microblogs, forums, video sites, photo sites, and much more – that mentioned the Nintendo 3DS system, we coded and scored verbatims that mentioned these specific games to determine which one should be first on your shopping list.

In the first chart, you can see just how much chatter takes place about each of the games. Games at the top of the list generate the most chatter and that includes Pilotwing, Street Fighter, and Ghost Recon. In fact, these three games generate more chatter than the remaining 13 games put together.

On the other hand, games at the bottom of the chart generate the least chatter and that includes Dead or Alive, Bust-a-move, and The Sims. The six games as the bottom of the list aren’t that much different from each other in terms of the amount of chatter they generate.

But you know very well that volume of chatter does not mean a game is great. It could, in fact, mean a game is so bad that everyone is having a great time making fun of it. We all know about the Double Rainbow and poor Rebecca Black. So let’s make sure we’ve got it straight.

nintendo 3ds conversition social media measure

One of the tricky things with sentiment as that gross, violent, and scary games have a lot of negative words in them that erroneously lead to negative scores. So we took care of that right away. Those words had no influence on our scoring system.

The chart you see here shows the percentage of comments/status updates/messages that were scored as either negative (red), neutral (blue), or positive (green).

First of all, you can see that within Nintendo 3DS conversations, the game generating the most positive sentiment (55% of the messages were positive) was the Dead or Alive game. It may not generate the most chatter but it sure generates a lot of positive chatter.

On the other hand, Bust-a-move, which also didn’t generate a lot of chatter also failed to circumvent it with sentiment. Only about 25% of those verbatims fell into the positive side of the scale. Fortunately, though, almost none of the verbatims about Bus-a-move are negative. These aren’t bad scores but if you can only choose one game, maybe this isn’t the game for you.

nintendo 3ds conversition social media measure

Now that you have the scoop, you’ll have to decide which games are going to make the trip from the store to your home. Lego Star Wars is on its way to mine!
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