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The Battle of the Bulge: Does our favorite celebrity ambassador represent our favorite weight loss program?

Tuesday, January 10th, 2012

By Jennifer O’Brien

Happy New Year! Did you make a resolution for 2012? Many did and I’m sure that ‘shed a few pounds’ was at the top of the list for many people. Television commercials advertising weight loss programs are plentiful right now as weight loss companies vie for your hard-earned dollars. As always, celebrities are a key component of their commercials.  Jennifer Hudson has been the face of Weight Watchers for some time, and new commercials feature Mariah Carey using the Jenny Craig diet and Janet Jackson using Nutrisystem.

But does having the favorite celeb also mean having the favorite program?  Let’s take a look at what social media has to say.

We gathered hundreds of thousands of verbatims from thousands of different websites and evaluated opinions toward three weight loss companies. The first chart below shows opinions reflecting the spokesperson for each of the three companies. Although the percentage of comments that are negative (red) is about 14% to 16%  for all three brands, there is a higher percentage of positive comments (green) for Janet Jackson (29.8% positive).  The smallest percentage of positive comments goes to Mariah Carey (23.3% positive) while Jennifer Hudson (26.6% positive) sits in the middle.

Based on these results, Nutrisystem is winning the celebrity contest.  Does this mean their program is also preferred?

The next chart shows the percentage of comments/messages/ status updates that were scored as negative (red), neutral (blue) and positive (green) for each of the three companies overall.  This time, Weight Watchers has the lowest percent of negative comments (8.6%) AND the highest percentage of positive comments (33.5%), making it the social media fan favorite. Nutrisystem comes in second with 12.4% of comments being negative and 29.1% being positive. Finally Jenny Craig has the highest percentage of negative comments (14.0%) and the lowest percentage of positive comments (28.2%).

So what is our conclusion? The favored celebrity does not make the favored program. We love you Janet Jackson, but Weight Watchers is in the lead.

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WeightWatchers or Jenny Craig: Social Media Research Knows the Answer #MRX

Tuesday, January 4th, 2011

Jenny Craig

You know the drill. January 1st comes around, and you realize you ate way too much over the holiday season having trudged from turkey dinner at Aunt Anne’s to turkey dinner at Aunt Rollande’s to turkey dinner at Aunt Yvette’s. The food was to die for and now you really know what that phrase means.

It’s time to choose a weight management program that works and that people trust. We gathered thousands of opinions from all across the web – from blogs to microblogs and from forums to discussion groups. We then determined how positive or negative people felt towards two popular systems on a number of important criteria. Here are your results.

Overall Satisfaction: Overall, satisfaction with the WeightWatchers program was 37% positive, 4% negative, and 59% neutral. And, satisfaction with the Jenny Craig program was 39% positive, 7% negative, and about 54% neutral. It’s a tight race so we’ll have to call this one a tie.

Recommendations: Recommendations for WeightWatchers were 33% positive, 3% negative, and 64% neutral. On the other hand, recommendations for Jenny Craig were 43% positive, 12% negative, and 45% neutral. Though Jenny Craig had 10% more positive comments, the program also had 9% more negative comments. It comes down again to where do you want to hedge your bet.

Taste:  Conversations about the taste of WeightWatchers food were 44% positive, 2% negative, and 54% neutral. With Jenny, comments about the taste of food were 24% positive and 7% negative. Perhaps people are happier with the food they cook for themselves as consumers have proclaimed a winner in WeightWatchers for this category!

Ease: Comments about the ease of the WeightWatchers program were 27% positive, 3% negative, and 70% neutral. Following the Jenny Craig program isn’t difficult either as none of the opinions were negative. But, only 23% were positive which means once again, most opinions fell in the neutral zone. I’d have to say WeightWatchers won this battle.

Cost: Conversations about the price of the WeightWatchers program were 53% positive, 2% negative, and 45% neutral. On the other hand, conversations about the price of Jenny Craig are 30% rating. Another 3% were negative and 67% were neutral. We have a big winner in WeightWatchers here too!

Spokesperson: WeightWatchers is currently being fronted by Jennifer Hudson as their spokesperson, a move which has generated comments that were 37% positive, 2% negative, and 61% neutral. Jenny Craig, on the other hand, uses a number of different spokespeople who collectively generate opinions which were 17% positive, 1% negative, and 82% neutral. Which means that on this final category, WeightWatchers is the clear winner.

Across these six categories, we have two ties related to overall satisfaction and recommendations. There is one arguable win for WeightWatchers in the ease of use category. And, there are three clear wins for WeightWatchers in the Taste, Cost, and Spokesperson categories. As you make your final decision of which program is right for you, you’ll have to consider which of these categories are most important. Whichever option you choose, we applaud your decision to improve your health and wish you much luck in meeting your goals!

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