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The iPhone 5: Big deal or big disappointment? #MRX

Thursday, September 13th, 2012

Using only the information in this chart showing daily mentions of the iPhone 5 in social media, I challenge you to tell me when Apple announced the newest iPhone. There can be no double that September 12, 2012 was the big day, precipitated by the announcement of an announcement just the week before.

iphone 5 release timeline

As you can see, reaction was swift, but reaction alone tells you nothing about whether people were excited and happy or annoyed and disappointed. So let’s take a quick peek at what people had to say about this upcoming release.

First of all, a handy dandy word cloud is a quick way to get a sense of overall emotions. Impatience and excitement were the words of the day though a few people had some less than nice things to say.

iphone 5 sentiment emotions

What do people think of the features? Are they happy with how the apps will work? Happy with the memory? The battery life? The camera? Here are a few pie charts showing the percentages of people who had good things, bad things, or neutral things to say about each feature. It looks like mobile apps won this round.

iphone memoryiphone cameraiphone batteriesiphone mobile apps

And are people prepared to buy? Are they looking forward to the iPhone 5 with anticipation, eager to recommend, ready to buy, happy to wait? In this case, even though people aren’t happy about the wait, anticipation is leading the field!

iphone recommendiphone waitingiphone appreciationiphone anticipation

There must be a whole lot of fanbois and fangirlz out there with their fingers eagerly playing with their wallets because that is a ton of greenly goodness!

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SuperBowl, BrandBowl, and now the OlympicsBowl

Friday, August 3rd, 2012

Olympics All Brands

1. Any Brands Mentioned

Olympics Brands Aquatics

2. Any brands mentioned along with aquatics

Olympics Brands Cycling

3. Any brands mentioned along with cycling

In the game of sports, the fastest time, the heaviest weight, or the most intricate footwork determines the winning athlete.

In the game of branding, there are many determinants of who won the game. Sometimes, the shear amount of money spent on a campaign will result in it being the winning brand. But does that pan out when we look at the Olympics? Let’s have a quick look at which brands are getting mentioned most often in the social media space.

For this project, we collected and analyzed hundreds of thousands of social media comments. We measured brands ranging from restaurants to retailers, automotive companies to financial companies, food to beverage to home care products.

In Word Cloud #1, we can see which brands are mentioned most often across the entire Olympics dataset. Google is the clear winner here even though they have spend $0 on sponsoring the olympics. In a close race behind come iPhone, Yahoo, and Apple, more brands that are not sponsors of the Olympics.

In Word Cloud #2, we look at the brands mentioned when people are talking about aquatics sports at the Olympics. Google once again is the clear winner with Yahoo, iPhone and Android following close behind. Paying sponsors? Nope.

Finally, in Word Cloud #3, we look only at verbatims related to cycling events. In this case, the iPhone is the clear winner, followed by Adidas and BMW. Finally! Adidas is indeed an official sponsor.

It makes you wonder. Do companies really need to officially sponsor the Olympics? Maybe Adidas thinks so. I think not.

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Battle of the Brands: Blackberry vs iPhone

Friday, August 20th, 2010

You have to admit it. You’re either in the iPhone camp or the Blackberry camp. There is no middle. Which means we’ve got a perfect pairing for…. Battle of the Brands!

Using only the thousands of social media opinions generated by their fans as their weapons, we have analyzed, samplized, sentimentalyzed, and contentalyzed the Blackberry and the iPhone. Whomever wins the most matches will be declared the victor. Let us begin.

Advertising: Apple definitely wins this battle. 40% of opinions approve of Apple advertisements compared to just 20% of opinions showing approval of Blackberry advertisements. That’s why everyone is trying to copy Apple with their funky cool tunes on TV.

Crowding: You can’t buy either device unless you venture into the store. Unfortunately, even though the stores are set up with the consumer in mind, Apples loses this battle with only 11% approval compared to the Blackberry’s 16% approval. Those Apple stores are tons of fun but they are really crowded!

Batteries: Apple wins this battle with 33% positive opinions compared to Blackberry’s 26% positive opinions. What good is a pretty phone if it keeps running out of battery power.

Keyboard: You simply can’t type an email or text a message any faster than with a Blackberry keyboard. That’s why Blackberry takes this one with 42% approval compared to Apple’s 33% approval. But, 33% is pretty great for second place.
Applications: This one seems to be a no-brainer. Apple gets a 45% approval rating while Blackberry gets a 35% approval rating. There’s an app for that except when it comes to cooking dinner and putting it on my plate.

Websurfing: Another no brainer! Apple wins with 31% approval, while the Blackberry falters with the just 17% approval.

Packaging: Mr Steve iPhone is well known for thinking outside of the box when it comes to creating the box and this one was no different. Chatter about iPhone packaging was 39% positive compared to 31% positive for the Blackberry. As you can see in the video, people just love sharing the unboxing moment with everyone, even you.


A quick look at the battles shows a clear winner. Apple won hands down when it came to advertising, batteries, applications, websurfing, and packaging.  On the other hand, the Blackberry won with its keyboard and uncrowded stores. I don’t know about you, but the iPhone magnet just got a little stronger for me.


Next Battle of the Brands? Completely up to you. Leave your requests in the comment box!


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