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Battle of the Brands: Axe vs Old Spice

Monday, August 23rd, 2010

If you’ve been living under a rock for the last year, you missed both of these hugely popular brand campaigns. Old Spice was fighting perceptions that it’s a brand your great-great-great-grandfather uses and Axe is trying be the number 1 brand with the most highly desired young male audience. If you haven’t watched these ads yet, you really should now.

[Slight caution - the Axe video may offend sensitive viewers. And now you REALLY want to watch it!]

Now that you are fully prepared, isn’t it time for…. Battle of the Brands! This is just for you, Avi. Ask and you shall receive!

Using only the thousands of social media opinions generated by their fans as their weapons, we have analyzed, samplized, sentimentalyzed, and contentalyzed opinions about Old Spice and Axe from just the last few weeks. Whomever wins the most matches will be declared the victor. Let us begin.
Purchasing: You know you’re going to buy one of these products, but which one? We’ve got a virtual tie here with Old Spice generating 47% positive opinions towards purchasing behaviour and Axe generating a 49% positive opinion towards purchasing. No dice on this battle. Let’s try again.

New and different: Of course you want something new and different. Which brand brings that image to mind the best? Old spice pulls ahead on this measure with 48% positive compared to Axe’s 39% positive. That’s a good ten percent lead.

Pricing: Of course, being new and different isn’t going to do it all. We need some good pricing as well. In this battle,  Old Spice takes the lead again. They’ve got 52% positive compared to Axe’s 37% positive. Yikes! a 15% lead!

Ads: Uh oh, Axe had better watch out! They’re doing well with 32% positive, but the manly man that is Mustaffa is just pushing Old Spice further and further ahead with 46% positive.

Scent: OK, Axe, now you just aren’t even trying. The product is all about scent but with 24% of opinions falling into the positive zone, you’re really lagging behind Old Spice which is 39% positive.

Funny: Why am I beating a dead horse? Axe is just not keeping pace. 30% positive means the campaigns are generally funny but not nearly as funny as Old Spice which is 46% positive. This is another huge 16% lead!

Mysterious: Someone… please… stop…. me… now. Axe managed a 14% positive score while Old Spice just slammed the ball into the basket/net/goal/insert sports reference of choice with a 56% positive score.

I think I don’t even want to summarize these results.

Axe, you lose.
Old Spice, you win.


This video by Wieden and Kennedy is a great summary of the Old Spice campaign.

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