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Social media research for beginners: A presentation by Conversition

Monday, April 26th, 2010

At the recent ASTM conference held in St. Louis, Conversition Strategies presented a primer on social media research. Please enjoy the presentation here, though minus the personalized commentary and sense of humour from our presenter, Annie Pettit. Our next conference stop will be MRA in Boston. See you there!

Conversition presents…. Social Media Research

Monday, April 19th, 2010

Conversition will be presenting a session on Social Media Research this Friday, April 23rd, in St. Louis, Missouri at the ASTM Committee meeting on Sensory Evaluation. Come join us for a day of great speakers at a great price. Speakers include Derek Sawchuck from Itracks, Frank Hayden from Toluna and Greenfield, Greg Stucky of ResearchNow, and of course, Conversition’s very own Annie Pettit!

The day’s events are billed as a hands-on and interactive one-day workshop designed for all sensory, consumer, and market research practitioners, whether you are currently using technology in your research or not. The morning session will be spent on building a foundation for understanding how technology is best utilized in our research, from building respondent and product databases to respondent selection to data collection and management. The afternoon session will demonstrate and introduce you to techniques and ideas for using technology in your research, both qualitative and quantitative, that you may not have seen or thought of before. You are encouraged to join your peers in exploring the possibilities to transform our work and our organizations through effective use of technology.

View the full program here.

See you in St. Louis!